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1. Returns: At this time no returns are accepted by Plum Forward. All sales are considered final.


2. Shipping Rates: Since products available on this site vary shipping cost is available upon request and/or at checkout. If the cost of shipping exceeds the amount charged Plum Forward will cover the additional charges. Plum Forward reserves the right to select a shipping carrier to minimize overall cost.

3. Information: Any and all information provided to this site will not be sold to a 3rd party by the artist. Information will be retained for promotional purposes from Plum Forward to notify patrons of upcoming events and discount offers.

4. Payments: All payments processed & handled by PLUM FORWARD CORPORATION. Credit Card Payments: If you would like to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover your payment is processed via Square. We never even see your credit card number; Square just tells us that you've paid and we ship you your stuff.

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